Top 5 Biking Paths Tauranga

Tauranga is committed to building a network of cycleways that accommodates people of all ages and abilities. In 2018, the Tauranga Cycle Plan was adopted and it aims to encourage and make it easier for the locals and tourists alike to move around the city using their bikes. If you are a cycling enthusiast or just rides a bike to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, then here are the top 5 biking paths you can take when you’re in Tauranga.

Gordon Carmichael Reserve

Gordon Carmichael Reserve is a peaceful 60-hectare reserve that is home to a wide array of bird species, wild life, and native plantings. This fantastic oasis and wetland, which is a great spot for walking and cycling, is located between Mayfield subdivision in Bethlehem and Broofield’s suburb. It offers cycling links between Bellevue, Brookfield, and Bethlehem.

It’s 2 kilometre walkwalk will guide you through the stunning reserve but it is also open for dog walkers, and cyclists of all ages and experience. The area that this wetland covers allows the public to get access to the reserve through various locations. You can access it through the small car park that’s located on Carmichael Road. It’s a nice and clean place that offers clean tracks.

Kopurererua Valley Reserve

Also known as K Valley, the Kopurererua Valley Reserve, is one of the largest reserves in Tauranga. It offers different experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. You can choose from ponds, native bush land, to farm land, and you’ll find activities that will keep you busy through the day.

This area spans 300 hectares of low lying land, which is located between Tauranga’s residential neighborhoods like Cambridge Heights, Westridge, Greerton, Gate Pa, and Te Reti.

It features 12 kilometres of walkways and cycleways. It has a stunning entranceway to the city showcasing the beauty of the Kahikatea trees. You’ll be treated to magnificent views thanks to the scattered native plants. It comes with active and passive recreational areas and lets you take a peek into the beauty of wetlands and aquatic life.

Waimapu Estuary

The Waimapu Estuary is a popular area for cyclists and walkers. It covers the Yatton Park through Maungatapu. You can walk or ride your bike from Hammond Street Reserve to Turret Road and then go through to Fraser Cove/Yatton Park.

Waikareao Estuary

The Waikareao Estaury Loop is one of the best places for urban rides in Tauranga. The trail spans 9 kilometres with bridges, boardwalks, and cycle friendly cafes that you and your friends or family will surely enjoy.

The well-marked trail can be ridden on both directors. As you cycle through the area, your eyes will be treated to different bird species including herons, kingfishers, pied stilts, and more. Although there are slight undulations in the trail, it’s mostly flat, which means it’s the perfect path for novice and seasoned bikers.

CBD To Mount Maunganui

The Tauranga CBD is famous for its historical sites and harbour views. The area offers cycling and walking trails across the harbour bridge to Mount Maungani. You can also take the rail bridge to Matapihi.

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