Top 5 Biking Paths Queenstown

Novice riders and bike experts alike will find Queenstown a peasant destination. The area is home to some of the best mountain bike trails that will give you that adrenaline fix you’ve been longing for. The trails are as epic as the scenery in the area. To top it all off, there’s a wide range of destinations that will prove perfect for every biker category. Without further ado, here are the top biking paths in Queenstown.

The Queenstown Trail

A long 120-kilometer stretch, the Queenstown Trail provides cyclists with a path that courses through Queenstown, Gibston, and Arrowtown. If your skillset is anywhere from beginner to intermediate, there’s nothing to be worried about. You don’t have to complete the entire course. There are a number of routes that riders can tackle that will suit their skillset. The 25-kilometer ride from Queenstown up to Arrowtown is worthy in itself, providing cyclists with the magnificent view of Lake Hayes and Kawarau River. If the picturesque views won’t quench your adventurous spirit, you can always stop by some of the most popular wineries in the region to mellow down the journey.

Queenstown to Jack’s Point

The Department of Conservation runs this route on the Queenstown trail map. The area is quite popular among both hikers and cyclists. The steep inclines make for a great exercise for hiking and adrenaline-pumping cycling action. The 12-kilometer trip will begin at Kelvin Grove traversing through the Kelvin Peninsula track just right before you head on to Jardine Park. From the latter, you’ll pedal your way through to Jack’s Point which is where the trail ends.

Rude Rock and Skippers Canyon

This area is most suited for people with a skill level of advanced and up. Again, not for the faint of heart, the 7-kilometer trail is graded for advanced riders due to its exposed areas and steep inclines. However, the course is still a bit forgiving that riders with intermediate skills can still power their way through. The trail begins at the base of Coronet Peak. After starting, a quick left turn will get you to Greengates Express chairlift. Then, riders will pedal their way up a narrow road which leads to Rude Rock. It’s through this hill trail that you catch sight of the famous Skippers Canyon.

The Deans Bank Track

A short but fin-filled stretch is what the Deans Bank Track has to offer. This 11.5-kilometer route is perfect for cyclists within intermediate and advanced categories. The sceneries in the trail offer a magnificent view of the Otago landscapes. Rocky terrain and tight corners await adventurers. Of course, there are always less-challenging routes for riders who don’t feel confident with all the advanced obstacles.

Moke Lake Circuit

At 7 kilometers, the Moke Lake Circuit is perfect for intermediate riders. However, it’s not something the younger members of the family can’t conquer. The trail starts with an uphill ride with dips and highs along the way before reaching level ground into a lakeside. You’ll then have to cross a boardwalk and over the peninsula to finally complete the circuit.

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