Top 5 Biking Paths in Hamilton

The many changes in Hamilton’s walking and cycling routes over the years have paved the way for the development of interconnected trails in the area. The public has expressed their support for alternative transport options and more recreational areas. Given that, Hamilton now boasts an extensive network walking and biking trails used by locals and tourists every day.

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you should head to Hamilton. The place offers several great opportunities to unwind and marvel at the beauty of nature. Hamilton’s riverside routes are open for walkers and cyclists. Additionally, there are designated routes across some parks for avid bikers. Both walkers and bikers are encouraged to share their routes with care and consideration for one another.

Walkers are advised to stay at one side so that bikers can safely pass by. Meanwhile, cyclists are reminded that all park routes are for recreational cycling only. They are urged to give a friendly warning as they approach walkers from behind.

Hamilton Mountain Bike Track

Hamilton NZ Mountain Bike Path

Hamilton Mountain Bike Track is located within the city limits. It is also referred to as Pukete Mountain Bike Park in the Pukete Farm Park. The place is ideal for bikers who are looking for a cycling trail near the city. The area features different tracks that are crammed into a relatively small and centralised location.

It’s a flat track that’s filled with native tree plantings. The trail has tight twists and turns, which will be appreciated by advanced bikers. But the path is also perfect for beginners and families, too. Hamilton Mountain Bike Track links to another cycling Hamilton City River Rides and Walks.

Hamilton City River Rides & Walks

Hamilton river bike path

Hamilton City River Rides & Walks spans 10 kilometers through central Hamilton. The track can be accessed using different points along the Waikato River. This shared cycleway and walkway stretch between Pukete where it links to Hamilton Mountain Bike Track and Hamilton Gardens. The track, which is shared by cyclists and walkers is suitable for riders of all experience and fitness levels.

Te Awa – The Great NZ River Ride

te awa river bike ride

The Hamilton Gardens is a perfect getaway for people who want to escape their busy city life and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Hamilton Gardens is the starting point if you wish to enjoy Te Awa – The Great NZ River Ride. Take a two-hour ride from the Hamilton Gardens to Ngaruawahia and between Lake Karapiro and Cambridge to reach. The scenic 70-kilometre river ride features urban and rural landscapes, waterfalls, trendy shops, wineries, and historic sites. The path is perfect for cyclists of all fitness and experience levels.

Pirongia Forest

Pirongia Forest Bike Trails

The Pirongia Fores is a bike park that’s open to locals and tourists alike. It boasts of several map boards and finding a trail that matches your ability will be easy.

Tauhara Park

Tauhara Park Bike Trail

Tauhara Park may be small but it’s nothing short of wonderful. The whole park boasts of a wide-open space as well as a mini-golf course, playground, and simple bike trail.

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