Top 5 Biking Paths in Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand is known for its incredible cycling trails. The place is filled with must see attractions, breathtaking scenery, and adventure-filled bike trails. So if you are planning to ride your bike while exploring beaches, parklands, and forests, then Christchurch is the place to be. Listed below are five biking paths that are worth exploring.

Te Rauakaaka

Te Rauakaaka bike path

Te Rauakaaka is one of the most recently developed tracks in the expanding bike tracks on Waimakariri River. The path starts in Whites Crossing and runs through the Otakaikino River bridge and under three bridges namely, State Highway 1, Main North Rd and the railway. You’ll be crossing roads until you get to the Waimakariri River, so you better be careful of vehicles when you reach the crossing points. The path leads to the Styx River confluence and the boat ramp and from here, you can head to Spencer Park and Bottle Lake Forest.

McLeans Forest Track

mcleans forest bike trail

The McLeans Forest Track is designed to be ridden in a single direction so you need to be sure that you’re taking the right way. It begins at the west end of the main car park. The trail’s difficulty level is medium and is perfect for bikers who love forest rides.

Rapaki To Castle Rock

Rapaki To Castle Rock bike trail

Rapaki to Castle Rock is an easy and flattish bike trail that gives you the opportunity to see some stunning views along the way. The path starts at the top of the Rapaki Track. This trail is also used by horse riders, farm vehicles, and runners, so be sure to stay on the left side of the road.

Bottle Lake Forest Park

bottle lake forest park bike trail

The Bottle Lake Forest Park features multiple tracks in the forest for bikers of different experience levels. It’s also used by horse riders, runners, and walkers. The forest is separated into grids by the roads which run in grid patterns. Don’t forget to take a map from the information center located at the car park so you’ll have a guide when you navigate the track and the road system. The path begins at the main car park and bikers can choose to go for a short loop or one that’s a combination of different tracks.

Roto Kohatu

roto kohatu bike trail

Roto Kohatu is an easy flat track that is the perfect bike trail for beginners and experienced cyclists. This track, which is located north of the city, is the favorite spot of wetland birds. The track begins on the north end of the Sawyers Arms Road, off Johns Road. As you go through the trail, you’ll reach a high point that gives you a view of Lake Roto Kohatu. When you reach the Otukaikino track sign, follow the markers, go through a mini tunnel, and follow the route to Clearwater Resort. Follow the track and you’ll eventually reach the exit point at Darroch St, Belfast. Retrace your tracks, enjoy the wonderful view as you make your way home. You can also arrange for a pickup from Darroch St, which usually takes one hour.

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