Top 5 Biking Paths Dunedin

Dunedin is another perfect spot for cyclists in New Zealand. There are countless reasons to ride a bike in Dunedin and that includes visiting main attractions and revel in the natural beauty of the city. If you are excited to go on a brief excursion, here are five of top biking trails in Dunedin.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is an easy bike path that spans between 80 to 120 metres. Most of the trail is gravelled but the path could be a bit tricky when wet. The route starts from Octagon, Dunedin’s centre, and then through Prices Street to the Exchange. Bikers need to turn into Rattray Street and then take the MacClaggen Street. Proceed to Serpentine Avenue and take a quick turn to Maori Road, then you’ll see the signposts for this Grade 1 bike path.

Swampy Summit

The Swampy Summit is a 739-metre trail that starts and ends at the Octagon. The track comes with gentle climbs, rocks, and other avoidable obstacles. Cyclists will also encounter steep hills but it will be all worth it since they’ll get to enjoy breath taking views along the way.

Signal Hill

Signal Hill is considered as Dunedin’s downhill mountain. There are trails for beginners and there are paths for seasoned bikers. All routes are marked with their names and level of difficulty. Some of the easy trails are the Dog Leg, RC Link, and Contour. The Fence Line, Big rock and Happy Hooker are medium while The Gut, Rock Garden, and Gum Drops are marked as hard trails.

The ride is about five kilometres long starting from the Octagon, then along George Street and then to Dunedin Botanic Garden. Turn around the gardens’ edge onto Opoho Road and ride uphill onto Signal Hill Road. Continue riding until you reach the monument.

Otago Peninsula

Another popular biking path is the Otago Peninsula. Keep an eye for penguins, sea lions, seals, and wading birds as you approach the beaches and inlets. The trail is about 15 kilometre long from the central Dunedin to the centre of Otago Peninsula so it will take you all day if you wish to enjoy the trail. The Karetai Road is a farmland trail that provides access to Smails Beach. Other trails in the area are the Buskin Road, Paradise Road, and the Camp road.

Otago Central Rail Trail

This biking path begins from Middlemarch and ends in Clyde. It follows a 151 kilometre long old railway, which was built between 1891 and 1907. Spare three days if you wish to finish the whole biking path. The trail passes by 20 towns. You can even buy a Rail Transport passport, which you can ask to be stamped every time you pass by a town.

Beginner and seasonal bikers will love Dunedin. There are various track trails in the city and mountain biking is an activity that can be done all year round. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you wind through gorgeous native and exotic forests.

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